Program Unit Funding (PUF)

Early Intervention Programming for preschoolers with developmental delays

Mild Moderate Funding

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Program Unit Funding (PUF)

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Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

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What is PUF?

PUF is funding designated by Alberta Education to provide evidence-based Early Intervention Programming for preschoolers with developmental delays.

  • Eligibility criteria for PUF funding is established by the Department of Education
  • Approval is based on professional diagnosis and supporting documentation.
  • Funding is allocated to the PUF program provider, in this case, Foundation4, and not to the individual child or family.
  • Not every child needs the same program so long as every child’s needs are met.

PUF Criteria

The child is:

  • 2.8 years of age on September 1st of the given school year.
  • Professional documentation indicates a severe delay that will have a significant impact on the child’s ability to fully participate in a typical community preschool setting.
  • The child is attending a preschool program and it is evident that delays impact participation and functioning.
  • Children are eligible, potentially, for 3 years of PUF support and the 3rd year should occur in the community kindergarten.

Family Participation

  • Identification and prioritization of goals is conducted with parent collaboration.
  • Family is asked to attend 3 meetings per year to address Individual Program Planning.
  • Be willing to work collaboratively with the PUF team.

Common Approach

  • The Government of Alberta has researched and piloted a service delivery best practice standard that Airdrie Foundation4 has been practicing since our inception.
  • One Child, One Team!
  • Our program has practiced a Common Approach from our inception because we recognized the value in that approach.
  • Children are individuals who cannot be diced apart dependent on funding sources. Foundation4 has always implemented a holistic approach to service delivery as it is in the best interest of children and families.
“The intention of the learning environment is to give children exposure to a range of materials, resources and experiences that give them practice in skill refinement, in language development, in creativity, and in play.”

Kathy Walker

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