Program Unit Funding (PUF)

Early Intervention Programming for preschoolers with developmental delays

Mild Moderate Funding

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Program Unit Funding (PUF)

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Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

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What is PUF?

PUF is funding designated by Alberta Education to provide evidence-based Early Intervention Programming for preschoolers with developmental delays.

  • Eligibility criteria for PUF funding is established by the Department of Education
  • Approval is based on professional diagnosis and supporting documentation.
  • Funding is allocated to the PUF program provider, in this case, Foundation4, and not to the individual child or family.
  • Not every child needs the same program so long as every child’s needs are met.

PUF Criteria

The child is:

  • 2.6 years of age on September 1st of the given school year.
  • Professional documentation indicates a severe delay that will have a significant impact on the child’s ability to fully participate in a typical community preschool setting.
  • The child is attending a preschool program and it is evident that delays impact participation and functioning.
  • Children are eligible, potentially, for 3 years of PUF support and the 3rd year should occur in the community kindergarten.

Family Participation

  • Identification and prioritization of goals is conducted with parent collaboration.
  • Family is asked to attend 3 meetings per year to address Individual Program Planning.
  • A caregiver must be available for Family Oriented Programming Sessions (FOPS), designed to address skill based practice with coaching for parents (should parents choose to participate in this aspect of our service).
  • Be willing to work collaboratively with the PUF team.

ECS Family Oriented Programming Sessions (FOPS)

Family Oriented Programming Sessions are designed to enhance parent involvement in the child’s learning.  They are based on topics of concern to each family and held in the home or community for an average of 1.5 hours in length. The sessions are directed by the parents and planned by the Educational Coordinator or Therapists. All Family Oriented Programming Sessions require the parent and the Therapy assistant to be in attendance. A schedule for FOPS will be established at the beginning of the year.


Common Approach

  • The Government of Alberta has researched and piloted a service delivery best practice standard that Airdrie Foundation4 has been practicing for 10 years.
  • One Child, One Team!
  • Our program has practiced a Common Approach from our inception because we recognized the value in that approach.
  • Children are individuals who cannot be diced apart dependent on funding sources. Foundation4 has always implemented a holistic approach to service delivery as it is in the best interest of children and families.
“The intention of the learning environment is to give children exposure to a range of materials, resources and experiences that give them practice in skill refinement, in language development, in creativity, and in play.”

Kathy Walker

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Parent Handbook

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