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They made it fun…

“Early intervention was crucial to the success of my kids’ speech and language delays! My daughter was three when we started to notice that she wasn’t saying a lot, we compared her to friends’ kids, but just thought she will catch up in her own time. But when she began Preschool, the teachers recommended that we got her assessed and that’s where we got involved with Foundation4 Early Intervention!

Thank goodness we did!

They were amazing, I wasn’t quite sure just how Speech and Language Therapy on a three-year-old would work but as soon as the therapy began, all my concerns faded away!! They made it fun, played games, gave her breaks when she needed it and my daughter loved the ‘special play time’. They involved the parents too, showed me fun games/strategies to do at home to help her development between sessions. It was far from tedious or boring, it was all geared towards her age and interests and she enjoyed it too, so that made things so much easier!

She went from being a child that could only say 16 words to having a speaking part in her Kindergarten play at school and her confidence soared too!

The staff are amazing and went above and beyond their duties for my family, so when my son started to show similar Speech and Development issues, I had absolutely no hesitation in contacting Foundation4 Early Intervention!! They had the same success with my son too and they have remained friends of our family ever since. Now I can hardly get a word in, with my kids!!!

Thank you for everything you have done for my family and I wish you continuing success with other families!”

Tracy Y.

Finding Foundation4 was like winning the lottery…

“It is with deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks that I write this testimonial to Sheelagh Schulze and her team at Foundation4 Early Intervention.

Two years ago it was obvious that something was wrong with our daughter Sophia. At three years old she was unable to speak and forming words for her was a challenge. After countless doctor appointments and thousands of tears I truly believed that we were at a dead end. Finding Foundation4 was like winning the lottery, I never imagined we would find a place like it.

The moment they met Sophia there was an instant bond and as a mother a sense of relief came over me knowing there were people who truly wanted to help our daughter. They assessed Sophia and her condition which lead to diagnosing her with apraxia. Learning about childhood apraxia was a very emotional time for me and my family, we felt hopeless and helpless.

It was through Sheelagh Schulze dedicated efforts that we were able to get Sophia the help that she so desperately wanted and needed. Foundation4 opened so many doors for Sophia that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own. They constantly changed and adjusted their strategies to overcome the obstacles and challenges that she faced.

The first time Sophia was able to tell me she loved me I was so overtaken by emotion that I wasn’t sure if I should call my husband or Sheelagh.

They treated us and our daughter like family and if it weren’t for their love and dedication Sophia wouldn’t be where she is today. Sophia is now 5 years old and because of their hard work Sophia continues to grow and flourish every day.

I can’t thank Sheelagh and her team at Foundation4 enough for what they have done for our daughter.

For the first time in her life Sophia has a voice of her own and watching her achieve this wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

Michelle S.

Dramatic speech improvements…

“Our son has almost completed his first year of preschool at the Inspiration Station and made dramatic speech improvements compared to when he started the year. When we enrolled Evan he was severely speech delayed but has since caught up to the rest of his class and able to share his thoughts constantly.

We believe our son’s progress was driven by several factors:

1. Ongoing care and attention by the staff to enhance his self-esteem and enjoyment of learning;

2. Speech techniques and tips provided to us to use at home;

3. Weekly in-home speech sessions to work on skillsets using a variety of tools and games.

We encourage you to explore Inspiration Station as a value added preschool and we look forward to reenrolling our son for next year.”

John and Jessica

Amazing progression…

“Thank you Sheelagh and your amazing team, after dealing with the diagnosis of autism we found your support invaluable. Luca has seen amazing progression with speech with your progressive and adaptable interventions.”

“Thank you, for everything from arranging Luca’s transport to his personalized intervention plan. This is a challenging journey and having your support and guidance along the way has been invaluable.”

“Seeing Luca’s development and improvement throughout this journey has been both emotional and exciting. Thank you and your team from providing help in gaining supportive in home services to giving Luca a progressive play and learning environment, alongside some amazing kids…”

“You have helped and supported Luca from day one, from integration in to a typical classroom environment to incredible speech and in home therapies. We could not have made this journey without your supportive team.”

Daryn and Lisa

“I love mommy more than…”

“Your intervention program helped both of our children for their speech issues, to us two separate issues, one couldn’t say more than “ter” and point, and the other sounding like an auctioneer jibbering and we could only make out the odd word.

After your team’s assistance, we have two kids, who loved the one-on-one interaction with everyone in the preschool and in the house, who will now basically not shut up talking (thanks.)

Holly is now the nine-year-old going on twenty-nine with all facts and knowledge of her school days. Nathan goes on a nightly routine of “I love mommy more than…” And he doesn’t shut up talking, even in his sleep! Myself and Tracy cannot express our thanks to your team for all the support you have given our two kids.”

Andrew Y.

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